Angel Communication

I love when people ask me “how do I connect with the angels?” or “how do I hear my guardian angel?”. Guys, you have one mouth and two ears so close your mouth and listen. They are already talking to you.
There are 3 main ways in which the Angels communicate with people according to me. So take note.
1) Feeling: Some people will feel a presence like an aura, warmth or a strong feeling of enlightenment. If the angel’s contact you like this it is very clear that you are very open to the love and guidance of the angels. This is how I and most psychics’ connect to the angels on a celestial plain. I can feel a lovely (not scary) feeling of a person in my room or near me. (Please note that if there is someone in your room that you don’t know and is a human, don’t pray to the angels, JUST RUN!) Mostly it is energy sensitive people whom they communicate with in this manner. If you are reading this and you are thinking “that is me”! That is wonderful, however, it does mean that there is a huge chance that you are energy sensitive and that leaves you open to energy burn out. I will be writing about that in another blog so be sure to come back to my blogs at another time.
2) Light sensitive: This one is really interesting to me because it is not something that happens to me. People who’s angels communicate with them via lights often don’t have a clue that the angels are trying to talk to them at all. They will see a flash of yellow, blue or purple light. Each angel has their own colour so if you see a dark blue light that is Archangel Michael, Yellow is Archangel Jophiel, purple is Archangel Zadkiel, green is Archangel Raphael, red is Archangel Uriel, white is Archangel Gabriel and pink is Archangel Chamuel. So, if you are one of these people there is quite a big chance you will be able to see the angels in person and that you are Clairvoyant (meaning “clear vision). If you are a small bit afraid to see them in person that is ok. Angels will know this and they won’t scare you. Open your energies and know that the angels are trying to give you guidance. Just be sure to let them know that you are open to their help.
3) Signs: I love this one because it can be really funny. I see this with loads of clients when they keep seeing the same number or a topic keeps coming up. Now, that isn’t so say that if you work in a hotel and people keep talking about rooms that it is the angels are talking to you. Noooo, that just means that you work in a hotel. A good example, where I have had this experience is for some reasons pineapples kept popping up everywhere. 3 is the magic number when it comes to this one! If the same thing comes up 3 times you can take it that the angels are trying to talk to you or just telling you that you are on the right path.Remember this, if nothing else from this blog“Angels are heralds of eternity sent to help mankind breakthrough when they cannot break out”.Graham Cooke; Gary Goodell, Permission Granted to Do Church Differently

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