Humans! Why are you so strange?

Humans! Why are you so strange?Yes, I am aware that sounds like a funny title for a psychic tarot reader but let me explain.So, humans, why are you so silly and strange? As I have written that short opening statement I have just realised I have called you strange in order to gain your attention. This is because I am aiming at people who are suffering from low energy and an un-settled aura. Most people that will read this will believe the negative and not the positive.So, let’s do a test and start again with a new opening line.“People, how did you become so extraordinary and beautiful”. You don’t believe that though do you?As a psychic reader I come across so many people who truly believe me when I point out something negative to them in a reading. They believe my guidance to be 100% accurate and often they will try to change. I love that about people, that they try to change and follow my guidance. However, if I say something like “you are really beautiful and men/women find you super attractive and you don’t even know it”. They choose not to believe it or brush it aside.I have been a psychic for about 17 years now and I have come up with some ideas about it but I still find the human mind more baffling than tarot, angels, auras, past lives, soul mates, dream interpretation and druids all put together?How about we try a different approach? Don’t worry I am not going to ask you to be more positive. That is too bloody hard when you have low energy. How about we just try and be more ……… REALISTIC! Here is one way in which I try to be more realistic. I must say this tip really does help move towards a better energy and a positive thought pattern.What you do is to say what you are thinking out loud. Then think about what you actually said. So let’s say I say to myself “gosh, you are stupid!” So, the problem word here is “stupid”. The definition of stupid in the Oxford dictionary is “showing a lack of thought or good judgement”. Now, doesn’t that sound less nasty? What if you said to yourself “gosh, I showed a lack of thought there” or “gosh, I that was not good judgment on my part”. I am not asking you to be fluffy and happy all the time. What I am asking is that you simply look clearly at what you said to yourself and be more realistic. This trick will cause you to have a better aura and make you see the world more clearly.I hope that after reading this blog will this tip will help you to move on with a better thought pattern, help you to have better energy, a happy aura and help you to have a better relationship with your own beautiful soul.Loads of Love,Aisling

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