Change – Small things make a BIG difference.

Ok, breathe!! I have a scary word to bring up! “Change”!Most people do not like change and when the change is really hard like a breakup it can be hard just to function. Here are somethings that I have learned over the years that help during these periods. Small things make a BIG difference. Things like sounds and smells can be a constant reminder that you are in a very bad place right now. You want to move on from this time but you have NO idea where to start. Here are some tips. 1st – Clean your room. Yes, I know I am not Marie Kondo but she is so right about the difference this can make to your life. It will clean the energy in your room and mean that you can sleep better and do more personal work at this time. 2nd – Change your ring tone and alarm tone. The same noise that you have been listening to every day for months will hold you in the past. Memories of waiting for him to text you or a call from your scary boss! Ach!!! Well change your tone and it will make things quite a lot better.3rd – Change smells that trigger emotions – This one people really don’t like but you don’t have to give up on your favorite perfume forever. Just for now. Getting ready to go on a night out with your friends and you spray yourself with your perfume and BOOM! You take 3 steeps back in time. You are reminded of that time when you went out and you felt good about yourself and you had a boyfriend. Get rid of that smell for now it is not helping you to move forward. Same applies for shampoos and air fresheners. 4th – Change you screen saver- I think you are getting the trend. Seeing a picture from your recent past all the time is also not going to help you move on. This one can be hard if you have a picture of someone whom you love very much on it. Now, if a picture or smells are not reminding you of a bad time in your life you do not need to change it. So don’t feel like you have to do all of these steps. They are for each person to decide for themselves. I will not come round to your house to check up on you. These are just a start. You take it from here. Good Luck xxx

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