Let me tell you a bit about me:

So, it can be hard to get to know whom you would like to see in terms of Psychics’, It is ok, I understand it can be expensive and can take up your valuable time. I felt is was important to introduce myself so that you can get a better feeling for my personality.
If I was to describe myself I would use the word fun! 🙂 I love what I do and I am very accurate, but what is most important to me is that my clients feel like they had a good time talking to me. Tarot can be fun! Yes, it is true!
When I was learning to read tarot with my mother we would sit down and have a cup of coffee or tea (I LOVE TEA) and laugh our hearts out at some of the stuff that comes up. Not believing that it could be true. Time and time again we found out that the tarot was not telling us crazy lies and we saw the grand plan unfold in front of our very eyes. AMAZING right! For example my mother told me all the time that I would fall in love with and marry a foreign doctor. I was 16 at the time so all I could say was “that is bloody hilarious Mom. Where do you come up with that stuff?” Well guess what guys!I am now married to a Russian man who has a Doctorate in Engineering. LOL!

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