What I offer in my readings

There are other psychics that will not agree with me on this one but I really do believe that using a tool like tarot, crystals, runes, pendulums, astrology, numerology and the list goes on will give your clients a better reading. Most psychics’ who use a tool like tarot will have clairvoyant skills too and they will use both. Take me for example I clearly use tarot, hence the name Kingdom Tarot. I feel that using tarot gives a really good structure to my sessions with clients. So if a client gets a full hour long reading (only $65 FYI)

I start with a three card spread. This 3 card spread is a starting point and helps me to warm up and for the cards to get a feeling for the person’s energy. If a person has very strong energy or they are going through a very transformational time I can often learn exactly what I need to know in order to give my client a very accurate reading from the very beginning. Now this doesn’t mean that I am just using the cards. Lots of what I learn in this spread is from my clairvoyant abilities. I can see a flash of information in my mind’s eye and often I will get a smell with this too.

Then I move onto my 5 card spread. This is good for someone in a situation. We can see some of the influencing factors and I get a brief look at a likely outcome. This again is a warm up reading for me. I am gathering more information from the person’s energy, the cards and my additional psychic skills. It is a constant loop of information which I divulge to my clients as I go along.

The seven card spread is our next step. The 7 card spread I find gives me more background information so I will be able to see things about the person’s childhood and I can see where we have energy weakness and emotional damage. This is not a very long reading often but is very useful to me and it can help clients identify negative emotions and see that there is a clear blockage in their energy.

Up next we have the Celtic Cross Spread which I am obviously amazing at because I am from one of the most Celtic areas in the World, Ireland. As a matter of fact being in Ireland does give quite a lot more intuition when it comes to the Celtic Cross Spread because of the nature of the spread and the good clear energy in Ireland. It is a bit like eating pizza in Italy. It’s best in its natural environment. So this powerful spread gives me a good big map of the whole situation and where it is going. At times you might even get glimpses and some smells from people’s past lives during this spread. At this stage I am able to give really good and accurate guidance. It is a very broad spread and if you get the 30 minute (only $45) reading we can often get as far as this spread. I am confident at this point that my clients are leaving me with lots of guidance and you can feel their aura change and become clearer.

Next on the agenda if you have got the full hour long reading is my family spread. This is a very complicated spread which I will have to write an entire blog about at some stage but just know that this is our exclusive spread. Only people of my blood line can do this reading and Kingdom Tarot is the only website who offers this VERY powerful spread. You have to do all the previous spreads before you can get to this point because you need to build up the energies in the cards. Keep an eye out for my blog on this exclusive spread.

Once we are done with the very strenuous (for me) family spread I like to let the angels take over to lighten the mood. So I pull out my lovely angel cards. I ask my client to pick one card and if I am working online send a picture of the angel card and send it in an email along with any exercises that I think would help them to move in the right direction. I then ask my client to relax after the reading and figure out what the angels are trying to say to them.

Then we have question time. So if it is an hour long reading we just round things up at this stage and if there are any outstanding questions that the client has I answer them. Often they might not have any questions because everything has been covered. That makes me happy because I know I have done a super job.

So that is a quick idea of what I offer in my readings. Hope to see you pop up on my screen in person.

Love, Aisling (Main psychic reader at kingdomtarot.com)

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