Tarot is also healing

That is its most important attribute. I literally have had people walk in my door and I can tell from the first second that they are in serious trouble. I have had to say to clients “I know that you are suicidal.” Yep, that is scary! However, I can help them and that is the work that I am most proud of. I have sent quite a few clients to see doctors to get the help they truly need. Sometimes people look to psychics’ when they are not feeling well emotionally. They cannot see that they are not well and the second I point out just how awful they are feeling we get major waterworks from clients. What upsets me the most about these very vulnerable clients is that often they will have seen lots of other psychics and not one of those other psychics will have seen that those people need help? A good psychic will guide you on the path to long term healing. In my profession you HAVE to have the best interest of your client at heart! It doesn’t matter that you might not make much money out of them. It doesn’t matter if you have to tell them things they don’t want to hear. It doesn’t matter if you have to talk about things that make you feel uncomfortable. What matters is that your client leaves feeling like they will be ok, that the world loves them and there are steps to true happiness. After a full reading clients should feel like you pressed the reset button on their lives. That is what makes me love my job. 🙂

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