There is no such thing as true love only self-love.

It is one of my big phrases at the moment. People always come to me looking for love. For us psychic readers, love readings are our bread and butter. What we often don’t tell you is that there should be only one major love in your life. Who is this magical soul mate type lover you ask? Here is the surprise you know them already because the answer is…… YOU!Being selfish and putting yourself first is the best thing you can do for yourself and the people you love. You have only one life, ask yourself, do you really want to live it feeling the way that you do right now? If you are reading this the chance is that the answer to that question is no.
So what do you do? Empower your soul and mind with the knowledge that it is really wonderful to be a ridiculous and normal human. All you want is to have good health, some money, love and to actively pursue happiness and that is healthy and normal. Where do you even start with that? Psychics can help but you have to do some of the work yourself. Here is a good place to start:
1) Start talking to yourself about what you like about yourself. I love this one because I always tell myself I love the way that I am a human who makes mistakes and normally I find that hilarious. I always feel enlightened when I think life is for living and there is no point in even trying to be perfect because nobody gets out alive anyway. So, I really like that I find myself funny for just being normal.
2) Don’t worry what others think! Do you care what I think of you? No! Why? Because I have my own relationship problems, money concerns, business issues and the list go on and you are not on that list. I like to do tests to show myself what it would be like if I felt everyone didn’t approve of me. So sometimes I like to push social norms. An example of this is sometimes I ware odd shoes to the local shop. That is soooo scary isn’t it!! Guess what happened! Nothing, absolutely nothing. One person did look at me but I could tell that they were not one bit interested. This opens my awakening and helps me let go of that negative energy.
3) Let go of stupid things you did in the past. It is pointless and you gain nothing. Needless to say I have done hundreds if not millions of stupid thing that I am embarrassed and ashamed of. In-fact I have managed to hold on to some silly things I have done in past lives. My advice is to laugh them off and even tell other people. You will soon see that you are not the only disaster in the universe.
4) Start making changes to clear negative energy. You will see in my other blog “Change – Small things make a BIG difference” that it is really easy to move into a new stage in your life. As people say a change is as good as a rest. If you do even some of the things that the blog describes I am sure it will work better than a magic spell.
5) Spend time with people you are 100% sure love you. Feelings can be contagious and the energy that someone who loves you can offer is the best food for your soul. You will start to feel safe and rested. In order to accept this magical energy, you must be open to love. Put your silly ideas aside and remember that your loved ones love you all you have to do is love them in return and that is an easy thing to do.

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